हवा भी बेक़सूर,

दिया भी बेक़सूर ।

इसे चलना ज़रूर,

उसे जलना ज़रूर

Even the wind is innocent,

Dia also innocent

It must go on

Must burn it

(c) Mithlesh Singhal

One thought on “स्वभाव

  1. Reblogged this on ram H singhal and commented:
    Creativity is our Basic Nature , that is our स्वभाव in Indian Language in Hindi. Hindi is our Mother Tongue and it is a natural medium to think and Express.
    Mithlesh is my Life Partner for last 43 years , and a Wonderful Human , Mother , Grand Mother and a friend of all seasons of Life .
    It is her First post , defines nature of wind and Candle . it defines struggles of Life also .
    view Original . love all


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